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How to Stop Feeling Restless and Sleep Carefree

By Darren Hardy on Jan 21, 2019 1:25:55 PM

Just the other day, I was talking to a friend of mine, Rachel.
Ask anyone and they’ll tell you Rachel has the perfect life.  In her mid-forties, she is as healthy and radiant as she’s ever been. She has a husband who adores her and three kids who multiply that love.
Yet lately she admitted, she’s been feeling restless.
Like something was missing and she had this nagging urge to sneak off and find it.
As I listened to her talk, I recalled a *story an old mentor of mine had told me in a time when I felt restless in my own life.
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Taking Responsibility  - The 100% Rule

By Darren Hardy on Dec 5, 2018 5:30:02 PM

Like it or not, you are 100% responsible for your life.
Everything that’s going on in your life right now is your own dang fault.  The question is if you're taking responsibility for it.
You chose all of it, no matter what has happened… hear me–it’s your fault.
  • If you haven’t achieved your dreams, it’s your fault
  • If you are low on money, it’s your fault
  • If you got divorced, it’s your fault
  • If the relationship with your kids, co-workers, neighbors or friends is tension filled or less than loving, it’s only your fault
  • If you are overweight, not where you wanted to be in your career, not joyful, not mentally and spiritually peaceful, don’t have enough time, feel overwhelmed, overscheduled and frazzled...
Say it after me…
You did it.
All of it.
Luckily, if you're not thrilled with your life so far, there's a remedy for it.  It's called taking radical responsibility.  

Some call it "taking ownership" or "the 100% rule."  Tony Robbins might call it something like "personal power."

But essentially taking responsibility means YOU get to choose your own fate (good or bad).  

Taking responsibility for yourself means you don't blame the traffic for being late, your significant other for your bad relationship, or the weather for not being able to exercise.

You're the captain of your own ship.  You're in charge of your destiny.

If you're a business leader, it means you don't blame your team, the economy, or Donald Trump for your organization's poor performance.  It's all on your back.

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Example of Taking Responsibility

I recently released a Darren Daily where I retold a story from "The Compound Effect" about a time I had to take 100% responsibility for a mistake I made.

... a VERY big mistake.

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